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fully forged 6061-T6 aluminium monoblock wheels with any individual design, size, colour

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Advantages Aston Forged wheels!

  • Strong reliable wheels are made from forged aluminum 6061-T6.
  • Light weight that will allow your car to accelerate and brake faster.
  • Any popular or individual style with exact parameters.
  • Large selection of color palette to complete the style of your car.
  • Our price will pleasantly surprise you, compared to other brands.


aston forged wheels

Exact individual sizes

Each model of Aston Forged wheels corresponds to the exact calculation of the max vehicle load, width and offset at the request of the client or according to our recommendation.

fully forged custom rim

The path to the perfect fitment

we always strive to hold large brakes and achieve maximum concave.

aston forged rims

Brushed and candy paint finishes.

Our experts are ready to offer a varied finish paint. Complex preparation of hand made work for Brushed finishes or multi-layer Candy colours is available at a standard price.

aston forged wheels


All Aston forged wheels are manufactured in high-tech blanks from forged aluminum 6061-T6 wich certified according to international standards JWL VIA TUV. All finished wheels are tested for quality control.

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2-piece forged wheels

We offer 2-piece forged wheels with flat lip or step lip. Classic style center or with deep concave. Sizes can be 19"-22" with width from 8" till 13".

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2-piece forged wheels deep concave
aston forged wheels

Our prices

we offer total prices for each wheel diameter. The total cost includes shipping. We deliver worldwide. Therefore, when sending an order, specify the data of the wheels and the country of receipt of the order. For example, the price of a set 20" Aston Forged wheels with delivery to Europe is $3900-$4200. No need to worry about shipping, we do it for you

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some of Aston Forged styles

Aston forged wheels

Aston Forged AF5

fully forged custom rims

Aston Forged AF7

6061-T6 forged aluminium wheels

Astom Forged AF9

Aston forged custom wheels

Aston Forged AF17

Aston forged wheels

Aston Forged AF6

fully forged custom rims

Aston Forged AF1

6061-T6 forged aluminium wheels

Astom Forged AF5-2

Aston forged custom wheels

Aston Forged AF7



ASTON Forged wheels

fully forged custom monoblock rims

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